Nobody likes to have their content stolen

The new ObfuSQF allows you to obfuscate every mod and missionfile up to 500MB in size

Trust the tool that is being used by communities such as


What is obfuscation?

Obfuscation makes your content unreadable and useless to third parties. PBOs packed with ObfuSQF cannot be opened by popular tools which allows you to safely publish content.


ObfuSQF is available on Linux and Windows. Benefit from an easy to use Windows Interface application and a commandline tool working on both Windows and Linux.

Keep your content exclusive

ObfuSQF's key-locking mechanism allows you to make your content work only with a corresponding key. Stolen addons or missionfiles can thus not be used on other servers unless you share your private key.

Used by large communities

Trust the tool that's being used by many large communities. Benefit from our years of experience, keep your content exclusive and increase your productivity. All in one, all in ObfuSQF.